an indulgent scoop of sunshine


Penelope serves only the finest dairy ice cream and sorbet from the award winning Saffron Ice Cream Company, who produce ice cream every day by hand in small amounts to ensure the luxury and consistency.

Ice cream is hand scooped and served in a delicious crisp sugar cone or in a traditional tub.


Finest Vanilla Pod

Traditional chocolate

Salted Butter caramel

Strawberries and Cream

Mint choc Chip

Coffee and walnut

Cotswold Cream

Lemon Curd and meringue

Espresso coffee bean

Handpicked Blackberry

Honey and Lavender

Chocolate Orange

Simply Ginger

Rum and raisin

Winter cinnamon

Gin, tonic and cucumber sorbet

Lemon sherbet Sorbet

Raspberry sorbet

Late Blackcurrant sorbet

Spanish Orange sorbet

ice cream




Retro Lollies

Cherry Brandy
Apple Cider Lolly
Funny Feet
Strawberry Split




Artisan  Lollies from London’s Ice KitchenIMG_6218

Beautifully handcrafted artisan ice lollies, freshly frozen using whole fruits, aromatics and natural ingredients. Flavours:-

Peach and Hibiscus
Blueberry, Honey and Yoghurt
Mexican Chocolate
Raspberry and Lime
Mojito Poptail




Extra Bits
A selection of retro soft beverages, botanically brewed and served with a straw in an old fashioned glass bottle.

Traditional Ginger beer
Rose Lemonade
Curiosity Cola
Cherry Tree cola
Dandelion and Burdock
Mandarin and Seville orange Jigger

Penelope has the original chimes and can arrive on cue playing her jingles to welcome your guests.